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Black Friday Deals with King-Online

Newly discovered online health shop, King Online, has incredible Black Friday Deals you do not want to miss out on!    About King-Online

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5 ways to take your oral health to the next level + GIVEAWAY

This September, National Oral Health Month, dental experts are sharing 5 ways to take your oral health to the next level + Giveaway up for grabs.

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The Movement Empire

I have always been that person to join some fitness class. Be it Pilates, Yoga or Zumba, I always made a point to keep my body moving. Why you ask,

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Olgani-Making the Mundane Magnificent

Olgani -making the mundane magnificent! If you haven’t already seen on my social media pages, I am utterly obsessed with Olgani

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The Sad Truth…

Life lately has been good, considering everything that’s happening in the world. Until someone asks you that one question you

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5 Reasons to Give Tooth Powder a Go!

If you’re wondering about the latest tooth powder trend, here’s why you may like to consider including powders in your daily oral care routine.

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10 Important things you should know about chronic illness

I’ve written this article that has 10 Important things you should know about chronic illness to help educate those who want to learn about chronic

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“Incoming Call — Suretha -Vitalab” The day had finally come where we got the news of our genetic testing. We approached the

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#FreshBreathCheck With IvoHealth!

Did you know that February is National Fresh Breath Month? During February’s National Fresh Breath Month, Sunstar GUM is equipping you with quality

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It’s all in the Genes…

I have had my fair share of Dr visits throughout my teenage life, but walking into the Vitalab Office to meet with a fertility Dr, was very new

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Mother Nature Did Me Dirty…

There I sit, in a room filled with expecting parents. I sit quietly on my own, notepad and referral documents in hand, just watching. Glancing across

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The “B” Word…

The infamous “B” word, or rather, the sentence that we all love to hate… “So when are you guys having a BABY?”

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