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15 New Years Resolutions To Make for 2018!

Happy 2018 lovelies! Man it’s good to be back!

New year,  new challenges and the idea of starting on a clean slate is exciting. Although you don’t need a new year to break your old habits, I think it’s good to set goals for yourself. Call it a little motivation.


Aside from the usual promise of becoming healthier, here are 15 resolutions that will start the change you’ve been hoping for and prove the reasons why this is about to be the best year yet.


1. Forgive someone

I’m sure we have all hit this crossroad at some point in our lives and if you haven’t, you will. By letting go of the negative feelings you harbor for something that happened in the past, be it  long time friends you have lost or things that were said or done that you wished you hadn’t,  you’re taking the weight off your chest and giving your mind the peace it deserves in the present.

2. Take a trip alone

What’s more empowering than exploring something on your own and loving every second of it? Probably nothing, which is exactly why you should do it. Pack your bags and put your bravest face on, because this is about to be a journey that will give you insight to who you are as a person. I’m thinking about doing a yoga retreat this year and im pretty excited about it!


3. Pick up a new hobby

Actions speak louder than words, and the time to set yours into motion is now. Sign up for that Zumba Class, or attend that cookie decorating class that you said you would do last year. Take a chance in what interests you now — your happiness will thank you for it later.

4.  Say “no” more often

With work deadlines to meet, another kids party to attend and a new puppy to take care of (my wild-fur-child- Zoey), your schedule is filled with growing responsibilities. In reality, it’s impossible to take on the world — and it’s detrimental to keep attempting to. Avoid sacrificing your mental health this year by saying “no” more, because making things easier for others shouldn’t always mean making it harder for yourself.

5. Stop using the snooze button

Start 2018 off right by waking up in time for it — literally. Break your habit of snoozing and discover what it feels like to not skip breakfast in the morning (#adulting). By getting out of bed the first time your alarm goes off, you’ll give yourself more time to enjoy the morning and set the tone for the rest of the day.


6. Stay informed with the news

Knowledge is power, and staying informed is a great way to gain insight to the world and hold conversations with others. Listen to the radio, turn on the news, scroll through a news website, and don’t be surprised when you become the more cultured (and confident) version of yourself within your tribe.


7. Let go of toxic people

I hear this phrase more often then not and it’s something I feel everyone should do.  There are some people who overwhelm you more than others. As hurtful as this reality may be, sometimes the only way to keep your head up is by letting go of those who weigh you down. In the end, the people in our lives aren’t guaranteed and their memories aren’t any less special if they’re not in our future.

8. Make your lunch every day

I am the type of person that will give the leftovers to the other working people in the house and rather go to the shops to buy some grub for myself- Needless to say, I haven’t started the new year off very well..  So from this point on Im  saying goodbye to my R50+ and putting in the extra effort to bring  lunch to work . My bank account will thank me later and so will yours.


9. Call your parents more

Life happens quickly, too quickly that I’m constantly reminded that my my folks arent young anymore— take a moment from the chaos to check on your loved ones. Although you don’t have to participate in a two-hour phone conversation with your mom, your effort to stay in touch will be enough to remind you of what’s important and reground you with everything else.

10. Read more books

Switch out your habit of reaching for the remote control after a long day and cozy up with a book instead. Whether it’s a classic murder mystery or romance novel,  grab a mug of hot chocolate and let your mind get lost in a story and your imagination run free because of it.

11. Don’t use your phone before bed

I think we are all guilty of this! As a society with our phones constantly turned on, it’s challenging for our minds to turn off. Despite the fact that it’s nice to tag your  friends in videos before bed, it becomes nightmarish when it’s 2:00am and you’re still watching reaction videos of babies trying new foods. In order to stop losing sleep to social media, charge your phone away from your bed or control your use of it. Don’t worry, you don’t have insomnia — you just have the internet.

12. Learn a new skill

In addition to gaining knowledge of the world, it’s also valuable to gain skills as a person. Maybe it’s the promise to yourself to (finally) learn to cook something other than pasta. (I could eat pasta dishes everyday- that’s how much i love it!) Regardless of what you decide to do, be open to your potential and be patient to the possibilities that could come from them.

13. Talk to people who are unlike you

People are different and that’s what makes them worth it — engage with those you wouldn’t naturally speak to. Whether it’s your friend who runs a dog walking business or an expecting mother you made conversation with while standing in line, your ability to be open to those around you will expose you to various mindsets and inspire you to look deeper into yours.

14. Spend more time outside

The beauty of the world is all around us, and it’s up to you to explore it. Whereas you don’t have to camp in the middle of the desert in hopes to see a shooting star, it’s a great idea to try and incorporate nature in your daily life. Take a walk after dinner, read a book on the patio, and allow yourself the chance to recharge with a breath of fresh air. It’s the best air you will breath in a long time.


15. Accept that you’re where you’re supposed to be

With another year comes the inevitable pressure to look back on your accomplishments — only to realize you haven’t complete not one thing on your “New Year Resolution List”. Although you may not be where you want to be, this doesn’t mean you’ll never get to where you’re supposed to be. Trust in the process — your life is not a straight path and your greatest milestones are yet to come.


Dream big people- This is a fresh start to a new you!


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