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Beauty Buy’s that Won’t Break The Bank!

Anybody else feeling like this year was the toughest year yet?! Apart from life’s up’s and down’s, now more than ever people are feeling the financial pinch and have to really dig deep and prioritize on what we actually really need and want. 

This year has kicked my ass to say the least. Medical bills climibing to an all time high, depriving me of my monthly spoils of beauty buys that I keep telling myself I deserve because I work hard for my money and I get to spoil myself. 

So with Christmas around the corner I thought it would be the perfect time to source little goodies to give that beauty maniac in the family or spoil yourself without breaking the bank.

I have found 5 great beauty buys, one of which I have purchased already and absolutely loving,  that I think will make great gift to yourself or others! 

Chick Cosmetics Pro Brush Set (1) that arent just pretty to look at but are not badly priced for a full face set! The bright and beautiful brushes are retailing for R400 for the full set. As Black Friday was such a hit for them, they have completely sold out on the brushes but dont worry, they will be restocking soon!

Gentillesse Tender Rose Moisturizing Serum (2) from Miniso – The store that you will absolutely fall in love with because it has such awesome stuff in there! Anyways, back to the Serum. I had purchased the Tender Rose Serum on a whim to try it out. I have fallen in love with serums and this serum has really suprised me in the sense of having no breakouts and leaving my skin so incredibly soft and moisturized. The formula is developed by CRB Switzerland, made with mild ingredients, rich in hyaluronic acid, rose essence and Vitalab raspberry to rejuvenate the skin and improve skin defense. All of this for R80! I know- what a steal for a great little product!

Sorbet Silicone Facial Cleanser– (3)I have heard some great reviews about silicone cleaners and the Sorbet one reminds me a little of the Foreo Luna just without the hefty price tag! You can bag this baby from Clicks & Sorbet – PS Clicks is running a special where you can get it for R200. (I am buying this. Like now.)

Tako Pore Blackhead Scrub Stick- (4) Yuss but I love gimicky stuff hey! I’m even more in love with Korean Beauty products and this cute little blackhead scrub from TonyMoly caught my eye. I think it’s safe to say that majority of people suffer from blackheads, some more than others but we all do. This little guy has rave reviews on how well it works and plus just look at the cuteness! You can bag this little guy for R155 from Milo+Mo

I Heart Revolutions Elixir Glow Mini Chocolate Palette (5) is the most recent highlighter added to the collection and it is gorgeous! I have a few palletes and a heart highlighter to my collection and I have a feeling this will be a new little addition. You can purchase this beauty from Muse Beauty for R140

There you have it! Beauty buys without breaking the bank!

Have you tried any of these products yet? 



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