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Beauty Review- Avon Mark Lipsticks

Avon has been around for many years and I have never tried any of their products. A shame I know… So I took the opportunity and bought a few products to try. I chose to go with the Avon Mark Lipsticks! The packaging is very eye catching and so it got me excited about the product. I went with a variety of colour’s, some neutral and some bold.

From Left to Right: Hi-Def Plum / Rapid Rose / Bare Impact/ Berry Bold


This lipstick is formulated with retinol, textures lips for plumper, firmer, smoother and softer lips.
It also boosts moisture by up to 115% for youthfully smooth lips. Comes in 10 plumping shades with SPF 15.

Unlike some lipsticks that I own, the Avon Mark lipsticks don’t dry out my lips at all. They stay moisturized and lush for at least 3 hours, which isn’t bad if you ask me! My favorite of the 4 though has to be the Bare Impact shade. It’s a shade that I can use everyday allowing a little something for my lips to shine.


I have become a fan of the Mark Lipstick product until one of my followers asked me if the Avon Products were animal tested I have investigated this for days on end and hate to be the bearer of bad news but Avon unfortunately does test on animals! This really did tug at my heart a little and made me a little disappointed. Reading their statement online, they have cleverly written it in a way to make you think that their products are cruelty free but look a little closer-

Respect for animal welfare is a cornerstone of Avon’s product safety philosophy. In fact, Avon was the first major cosmetic company to end animal testing nearly 25 years ago and we do not test on animals today. Instead, we use non-animal product safety testing methods.

Unfortunately, a few countries require additional safety testing, which may include animal testing. Avon, in partnership with other organizations, works to help advance government acceptance of alternative non-animal testing methods. But if a compromise cannot be reached, we must comply with the testing required by local law. Animal testing is an issue faced by all global beauty companies.


Even though I am a huge animal lover, It never crossed my mind to look on the back of my cosmetic brands to check if they were cruelty free. And to think of the brands I currently have in my possession at the moment- I can’t help but cringe at the thought that animals were hurt to make my face look a little better in the morning.

It’s a cruel world we live in and it’s unfortunate that they have the technology to send a space ship to the moon but cannot test chemicals under a microscope ?! Who know’s if those companies that say that they don’t test on animals really do keep their promise? I guess we will never know.. but my mind frame towards cosmetics has changed and I will be a little more aware of the products that I am buying in the future.

Thank you @Leticia for making me a little more aware of the big picture


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