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Beauty Review: dr.dermal Cosmeceuticals

I was super excited when dr.dermal sent me over some products to try and be part of their campaign. I was so excited to try these and man they came in good time because my skin needed some serious TLC.

One of my main skin concerns, apart from the other hundred, is fine lines and wrinkles. I have been noticing super fine lines on my cheeks just under my eyes and in the corners of my eyes. As I am getting more and more into my make-up, I want my skin looking its best and not walk around with a cake face!

dr.dermal Skincare Products

The Back Story:

dr.dermal is an award-winning cosmeceutical (a cosmetic that has or is claimed to have medicinal properties) range that was developed by a passionate team of skin care professionals. They’re a South African company and was established in 2015. Their awards include:
• 2016 Editor’s Choice Award – SA Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review
• 2016 First Runner Up in Range Category – SA Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review
• 2017 First Runner Up Packaging – SA Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review

dr.dermal produces safe and effective skincare products that maintain healthy skin and target anti-aging. Their formulations are based on years of extensive research, in collaboration with dermatologists, plastic surgeons, chemists and industry professionals from around the world. Their rigorous clinical trials and proven results are conducted with utmost integrity and reflect their passion for excellence in ethical skincare.

Pretty impressive huh?
dr.dermal came to the rescue and sent over products that fit my skin concerns to the T!


Total Rejuvenation Plasma Serum ( Retails for R675)

Total Rejuvenation Plasma

dr.dermal’s complete anti-ageing plasma is an all in one skin serum, primer, blurring shield, eye serum and mattefying agent. It provides an instant lift and contains a peptide that has a ‘Botox-like’ effect.

What’s in it?

Peptides – to stimulate collagen production and DNA repair
Film formers – to provide an instant lift and have a primer effect
Polymer powder – Nano-spheres that diffuse light for an instant blur effect, veiling fine lines and wrinkles
Enzymes – keratinolytic enzymes that help to dissolve the keratin plugs that cause breakouts
Hyaluronic acid – to moisturise and condition your skin

What’s it for?

Skin rejuvenation & anti-ageing (Totally seeing the changes in my skin!)
Problem or congested skins
Sensitive skins (Completely gently on my skin, no irritation at all)


I was a bit nervous about using serum as my face has its oily patch moments and adding more oils to oily skin means breakouts and redness. I have been using the serum for a good two and a half weeks and I am already seeing a huge difference! Those fine lines on my cheeks that I told you about, almost completely invisible! My Skin feels hydrated, so soft and smooth. The Serum absorbs into the skin super-fast leaving your skin smooth and almost with a matted feel. It’s glorious! My favourite product of the 3!

Total Rejuvenation Facial Mask


Total Rejuvenation Mask

A complete indulgence. An occlusive, deeply moisturising mask made from the finest organic silk. Immediately reduces fine lines & wrinkles & restores dry, damaged skin.

What’s in it?

Peptides – stimulate collagen production and DNA repair.
Antioxidants – scavenge free radicals and improve your skins health
Hyaluronic acid – moisturises and conditions the skin

What’s it for?

Skin rejuvenation & anti-ageing
Deep Hydration
Reduction in appearance of fine lines & wrinkles


The masks are full of the serum which can be used on the neck and chest, rub some on your hands if there is extra, your hands are exposed to sun damage and harsh elements, they need pampering too. I had the mask on for a good 7 minutes until I felt a little bit of a burning sensation around my mouth area. I immediately removed the mask and wiped away the sections that were burning. After I had wiped the serum away from the sensitive spots, it left behind some redness that quickly disappeared within a few minutes. I massaged in the remainder of the serum (there is a lot) and then wiped off access with a damp facecloth. My skin felt super clean and super soft! It had a beautiful dewy glow to it which was stunning! I added some Total Rejuvenation Plasma Serum afterward to sooth the irritated sections. All in all the masks are great. I have another one to try so let’s see how it does second time around.


UV Guard 50 (Retails for R250)

UV Guard 50

Professional protection for your skin dr.dermal’s UV Guard 50 is a broad-spectrum anti-ageing sun protection cream that has been clinically tested on sensitive skins and is water-resistant.

What’s in it?

Ceramides – skin identical lipids that enhance moisturization and protection.
Antioxidants – scavenge free radicals and improve your skins health

What’s it for?

Sun protection


I am the worst person when it comes to sunblock. I guess it’s because I have never really found one that suited my skin type. It either left my skin looking oily and shiny or it made my skin break out horribly! It’s safe to say that the dr.dermal UV Guard 50 is what I have been searching for! It goes on smoothly adding a little bit of moisture to my skin, which is a plus for winter, with no breakouts! It’s fabulous!


Save 5% on Dr. Dermal!

All in all, I am super impressed with the dr.dermal products that I have tried so far and I will definitely be continuing with the skin care range until my skin tells me otherwise.

If you want to keep your skin looking young and healthy then I would recommend trying out dr.dermal. My skin is looking and feeling great and yours could too! Get in touch with the awesome team and tell them about your concerns, they will direct you to the right products that will suit you! You can save 5% using my discount code TLG5 when making a purchase from their site. They also always have free shipping! Check out thier range here!

Thank you dr.dermal team for introducing me to an amazing product that has already made me feel beautiful in my skin!



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