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Beauty Review- I Heart Revolution

Hey babes, I know it’s been a little while- Life happens you know.. but we back in action and I wanna kick off with a ridiculously rad make up brand I recently discovered and I’m really loving at the moment.  I introduce the I Heart Revolution  (previously known as I Heart Makeup) makeup!

I was initially introduced to the brand when we were in Rome for my big 3-0, shopping at OVS, where I spotted the prettiest and most sparkely highlighter you ever did see! (PS: OVS was my favourite shop in Europe because they stock the Kendall and Kylie collection (I’ll ignore the eye rollers) and they have the most amazing range of the I Heart Revolution Makeup) So I bagged me the cute little highlighter to add to my ever growing make up collection.

Falling completely in love with the highlighter and kind of regretting not purchasing the eye pallete in Europe, I was on the hunt for the brand here in SA and to my luck, the amazing Muse Beauty SA stocks the very affordable brand!


I bagged 2 gorgeous eye pallete for R180 eachThe Death by Chocolate palette is a mix of  neutral matte and shimmer shades and the Salted Caramel palette has similar mattes and shimmers with a few blue and gold hues to add a pop of colour to your look at to the pallette itself. (PS: I dont use the sponge eyeshadow brushes at all.. but I cant help but wonder who actually does use them and why do they still make them? )

Death By Chocolate Eye Palette

Shadow performances: The mattes are quite powdery during application onto the brush, they seem to separate from the pan very easily and thus create a lot of fallout. I found that two or three mattes, especially the pink (Lick me),  need building up considerably but, they still apply beautifully, without sticking to one place on your lid and refusing to blend. The blending is seamless and the pigmentation is the perfect mix of what you see is what you get when applied.

Swatches of my favourite from both pallettes

The shimmers are the real stars of the palette. The shimmers are buttery soft and transfer amazingly. They pack a lot of pigment, but  dont worry if you dab too much onto your brush, you can blend that baby in!

Just look at these shimmers!

Apart from the ridiculously cute packaging, the palattes are pretty amazing! Affordable makeup with long lasting wear and colour pigmentation to wow your socks off?  What more can a girl ask for!

Interested in purchasing one for yourself or as a gift?
Shop here for the I Heart Revolution brand and many others!


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