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DIY: Make-Up Brush Pot

Girls and our make-up..
We always somehow run out of space with our make-up and tend to have a million cosmetic bags to store all of it, which in turn takes a good couple of minutes to shuffle through when looking for your powder brush and blusher.

So I thought of a better way to access your much needed make-up brushes.
Here is a quick guide to creating your super simple and chic make-up brush pot.

What you’ll need:

  • Small or medium ceramic glass vase or pot
  • Small Pebbles or Stones
  • Your Make up brushes
Pebbles & Pot can be found at the Crazy Store or Westpack Lifestyle Centre

Place your pebbles into the pot about half way.
Give the vase a little shuffle to allow the stones to fall into their gaps.
Place brushes upright in the vase/pot.

A gorgeous pot for your brushes to be displayed and with easier access.



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