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DIY Time! How to Make Your Own Watercolours

There’s nothing like a bit of creativity on a quiet afternoon or rainy weekend. And now that winter is apon us here in SA, we try spend as much

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Cork Crazy!

For a while now I have been obsessed with anything cork! I have been nagging my husband for a while about corking the side of our cupboards in our

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Valentine’s Date Night Ideas…

Ok so it’s valentines day around the corner and yes, I know it’s a big money making scheme but I can’t help but love – love.

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Inspiration: Boho Chic Deck

So as a goal for the new year I’ve been pinterest crazy in search of decor inspo for my home. I came across something that I didn’t

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DIY: Printable Halloween Treat Boxes

I wish Halloween was a big deal here in South Africa like it is in the States. Why hasn’t it become a big deal here anyway? Yeah, I guess there

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DIY: Wedding Invitations Recycled!

I just love weddings- LOVE! I love everything about it- The flowers, the decor, how the bride is going to look, the list goes on and on. The thing I

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DIY: Make-Up Brush Pot

Girls and our make-up.. We always somehow run out of space with our make-up and tend to have a million cosmetic bags to store all of it, which in

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DIY- Fun Photo Gem Magnets

I am completely obsessed with all this cute and different and especially when its something I can make myself. Sometimes its nice to have a project

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DIY- Mason Jar Labels

I love my arts and crafts and getting my hands on cute itsy bitsy, unnecessary, things. So with my erratic internet searching I came across these

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Obssession of the Month: Succulent Terrarium

The Fiance and I have recently purchased a home and all I want to do is fill it up with these baby’s, Succulent Terrarium’s! I spotted

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