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Eat Here: Gold Mine Cafe

The thing about finding little gems is that you want to keep that little treasure all to yourself and not share it with anyone, but il make an exception. The Gold Mine Cafe is exactly that.

Situated at the Reef Hotel in Johannesburg, we were desperate for a coffee after our #TravelMassive  event and thought where to go- luckily for us, good friend Justin showed us the way to the Cafe.




The Cafe has a beautiful warehouse/mining themed feel with hard hats and hanging lights thought-out the cafe.  We settled in and ordered our drinks. We didn’t have a thing to eat but the menu did look really good. Ill definitely be back to try out the menu goodies and report back if its good or not so much.









The Cafe’s business hours – they’re open till 10pm  7 days a week and the food is really affordable and the best part of it- Free Wifi- score!


Gold Mine Cafe
58 Anderson Street, Marshalltown
Johannesburg, South Africa
+27 (0) 11 689 1000





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