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Fashion Handbook SA- Online Designer Directory

Big Names Sign on with Fashion Handbook SA Online Designer Directory.

Fashion Handbook South Africa (FHB SA) recently created their online Designer Directory. By signing up for the best contemporary fashion brands, they are aiming to help boost South Africa’s local economy.

A Fashion First

Proudly serving as a destination and point of discovery for the best in local fashion – that South Africa has to offer. Fashion Handbook SA is the first to create a comprehensive online fashion directory – one that is remarkably different from its past versions in print. Earlier this year the owner and publisher, Leanne Tlhagoane, made the decision to focus FHB SA’s efforts on the digital side of the business – naturally culminating in the shift towards creating and developing the newer digital offering.

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Leanne Tlhagoane – Publisher of Fashion Handbook: South Africa- Image by Obakeng Molepe

“Fashion Handbook South Africa is about amplifying fashion voices and brands, growing community and contributing to the development of a more unified and supportive fashion industry,” says Tlhagoane. It’s also a source of information and inspiration intent on offering access to a diversified pool of talented South African fashion creatives.

The cream of SA’s fashion-crop has flocked to the directory to sign on and form part of this accredited fashion community! 

Designer Dialogue

Mzukisi Mbane

“For me, I feel like this directory is becoming the African designer Bible we never had. The idea of creating a space where one can find all / most of South Africa’s noted fashion designers. Working towards the dream I have for the future of African fashion. A dream where all of us create a united front to fight for our rightful place on a global scale.”- Mzukisi Mbane of Imprint.

Image courtesy of Imprint
Image courtesy of Imprint

Isabel de Villiers
”It’s such an honor to be included in the Designer Directory along with all my peers, making waves in the creative world.’’ – Isabel de Villiers of Isabel de Villiers Clothing

Image courtesy of Isabel de Villiers Clothing

Jacques Bam
“I really think that the Fashion Handbook SA directory stands as a symbol for the overwhelming sense of community that we as the South African fashion industry have. Not only is it pushing our names into the public realm, but really it helps us to all work collectively. To build our industry, recognizing that there is power in banding together instead of walking separately. I am honored to form part of this directory and I cannot wait to see what this directory will do for us all.” – Jacques Bam of The Bam Collective.

Image courtesy of The Bam Collective

Shoppers can use the Designer Directory as a single point of discovery for local fashion. Each designers’ details are housed on the site. A link to their website where consumers can conveniently get information, connect, and shop.

Listed Designers

The comprehensive Designer Directory list can be found online at Fashion Handbook SA

A few more of the listed designers…

African Style Story
House of Lucent
Judith Atelier
Moraka Interiors
The Bam Collective
Tshepo Jeans

In anticipation of the SAFW show happening on the 23 October 2020, I am beyond excited to see one of our favourite designers House of Lucent showcase their new designs!  

House of Lucent- SAFW 2019 Winner


For more info on the hottest designers in SA:

Instagram | fashionhandbooksa

Twitter | SAFashionBook


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