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Flash back Friday Adventures: Sani Pass

I was going through my photos last night and to my surprise, found some pretty awesome pictures of little adventures that we did a little while ago. So I thought I would start a series of Flash back Friday Adventures and share them with my fellow travel enthusiasts.
Our first adventure is about our trip to Sani Pass.
We initially set off to Bulwer in KZN for a family affair- a sad one at that- but we made the most of our weekend trip and ventured around Bulwer and surrounding areas.
The weather definitely reflected the emotion that we were all feeling. It was overcast, cold and every now and then a light rain came down. It was absolutely beautiful.
Arriving at our self-catering accommodation, it looked like something out of a horror movie, misty secluded house with squeaking doors and cracking floors- I was in my element.  The house was old but filled with so much life. A fire place awaited us with a grand piano and board games to keep us occupied through the night.




We sat around the fire that evening and contemplated on whether we should travel up to Sani Pass and see what it was all about. Not everyone was keen, but the ones who were, well were in for quite a treat.

We set off early to the great Sani Pass in our trusty Land Rover. The route is breathtaking- Hills after hills and waterfalls everywhere and the weather perfect for our trip up the mountain. We stopped off at Sani Pass Hotel for a quick refresher before we set off again. Pictures just don’t do justice to the beauty that surrounds it.











We did a few stops at some waterfalls to freshen up and have a drink.



Sani Pass is the mother of all South African mountain passes-  Situated between KZN and Lesotho the pass was built circa 1950 and remains a challenging drive in 4×4 vehicles with all the drama, scenery, bad weather and treacherous conditions expected of a pass with a summit altitude of 2876m.









The climb up was  just as terrifying as the climb down! I was at the back of the 4×4 with my eyes shut tight every time we reared higher and higher. Its definitely not for the feint-hearted but something one definitely has to experience. Its breath-taking when you reach the top and COLD. We were so confused as to why the locals were wearing thick blankets over their shoulders until we got out the car. … Wowza,  It’s a fridge up there!

As exhausting as the weekend was it was an adventurous one. Who knew we would discover so much beauty in a short amount of time. So if your planning a trip to KZN, detour to Sani Pass. Just remember to take scarfs, beanies, gloves, snow jackets, thermal underwear and an extra jacket, just in case.


Sani Pass is definitely a trip to put on your list of places to see in South Africa. Its perfection.

















































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