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Getaway to: Howick

Last year was a year of weddings. We are at that time in our lives where our friends and friends of friends are getting married and our weekends are filled with attending them- (Sho, Im getting old)  I absolutely love weddings and was quite excited to head to our cousins wedding in the Midlands Meander.

Travel is the ultimate for us, so we make the most of our journey’s. So we pick places that we have also wanted to see and thats why we landed up in Howick Falls. The journey to the Howich Falls Hotel is so gorgeous. The town has so much history and beauty is all around.
The Howick Falls Hotel is a short walk away from the Howick Falls and there is plenty of little craft stores and restaurants to keep you interested along the way. The Waterfall is beautiful. The view from the top, in particular, is pretty inspiring, and the volley of water quite mesmerising. But thats not all thats on offer, there are a series of interesting walks and trails, some to the bottom of the falls. We didnt have much time to do any of the trails and it was a rainy dya but Im sure they are quite beautiful.






The weekend was beautiful, the weather was perfect and the view all around us was magnificent.
Howick – you are beautiful.

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