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Getaway: Wawielpark

SA is such a beautiful country with so much to see and discover .So the campers that we are, we found a gorge spot on the banks of the Vaal River in Free State side of town.

Wawielpark is a perfect place to unwind and compelety let your hair down. It offers a wide range of activities for the young and old, from fishing to paddleboating to even having heated pools- which was my favourite. We parked our tents right on the river bank, which I was complaining about at first because we would freeze at night being so close to the water, but after witnessing the first sunset of the day, we couldnt have asked for a more perfect spot- it was absolutely breathtaking.


Through out the weekend we toured the facility and fell in love with it even more with every new piece of ground that was discovered. Can you believe that we found a mini zoo in the facility!
I couldnt have asked for more. It was just the best weekend that was well needed.
The weekend was spent huddled around the fires sharing stories, playing games, sneaking off in the night to the heated pools and of course fishing.



Falling asleep to the sounds of the wilderness around has never felt so good.
Wawielpark is definately a place to visit.


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