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Getting Hitched..

The countdown to the wedding day finally begins!
It didnt feel real until we recieved our wedding invites, then the  tingly feeling started happening. I sat here staring at them thiniking, “oh my gosh, this is really happening” In a good way of course- I am super excited.

Getting enageged almost 1 year and a half ago, I couldnt be happier. I was never the girl that started planning my “dream wedding” at the age of 10. Im the kinda person that goes with the flow, so what ever happens, happens.

Planning a wedding is pressure- alot of pressure. From picking the perfect day to selecting your bridemaids, deciding on a dress- Its alot of research and alot of decisions- Not just your decision but that of your partner as well. Lucky for me, my Finace is very opened minded and is pretty much keen on anything.

Google is a magical place and with me being a neat freak and being super organised, I probably printed thousands of wedding pages. Checklists, after checklists, images of dresses, E-session inspirations, you name it, I had it all.

Slowly but surely we ticked off the important parts of planning a wedding from our checklist and just months away we have almost completed the list.

I really can’t wait to be a Mrs.
Exciting times await.

Here is a sneak peek of our E-Session shoot we did with our amazing photographer Ryan Parker.





I couldnt live my life without him

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