Happy Spring everyone!!!

Finally we get to peel the layers off as it’s becoming warmer in sunny South Africa! When I think of summer time, I think of beach, bikini’s and travel! Which brings me to introduce you to this awesome new company called Radical Travel! that I’m so excited to be collaborating with!

Radical Travel is a travel agency to make your  travels as hassle free as possible. They assist with finding accommodation and flights and they can even plan the whole trip for you! Rad right?

So the lovely guys from Radical Travel are offering my lovely readers a 5% discount if you book flights and accommodation with Radical Travel for the month of September!

How cool!?
So here is how you book:

Visit http://radicaltravel.co.za/want-us-to-book-for-you/ and fill the form and enter the promo code: TheLittleGuru at the bottom for your 5% discount!

Remember the promotion is running for the month of September only so go on and book your weekends away now!

Happy Spring Lovelies!