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Happy Stepping with Fitbit

I was gifted last Christmas with this nifty little fitness tracker from my Mike. He’s always encouraging me to keep fit due to my illness and thought that this little device would give me the motivation to keep me exercising.

What is a Fitbit Flex Device you ask? Let me give you some insight..

Its a slim silicone wristband that you wear all the time. During the day it tracks your steps, distance and calories that you have burned in that day. At night, it tracks your sleep quality and it even wakes you silently in the morning. This is my favorite feature of my Fitbit Flex!

What is also a great about the Fitbit Flex is that you can set a daily goal of how many steps you would like to achieve in a day. You can check your progress by tapping it and the LED lights will light up the screen to show how far you are and if you reach your daily goal the little guy lights up and flashes in celebration of your success.

The Fitbit app is really awesome too. The dashboard displays everything that your tracker has recorded.
Just by syncing your tracker via Bluetooth, it updates it in real time so that you can monitor your steps anytime you want!

Fitbit offers so many other devices so it all depends on what you want and need.
You can shop for the Fitbit Devices here

I simply love my Fitbit. Its the motivation you need to get out there and be more active.

Happy stepping!


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