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“Incoming Call — Suretha -Vitalab” The day had finally come where we got the news of our genetic testing. We approached the

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#FreshBreathCheck With IvoHealth!

Did you know that February is National Fresh Breath Month? During February’s National Fresh Breath Month, Sunstar GUM is equipping you with quality

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It’s all in the Genes…

I have had my fair share of Dr visits throughout my teenage life, but walking into the Vitalab Office to meet with a fertility Dr, was very new

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Mother Nature Did Me Dirty…

There I sit, in a room filled with expecting parents. I sit quietly on my own, notepad and referral documents in hand, just watching. Glancing across

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The “B” Word…

The infamous “B” word, or rather, the sentence that we all love to hate… “So when are you guys having a BABY?”

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Pulmonary Hypertension Invisible Illness. For me it isn’t…

November marks the month of bringing this illness to life. Letting it be the star of the show, showing people just how ‘great’ Pulmonary

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It’s the Little Things: Do Something Different Today and Get Inspired!

We all get a little bored with life sometimes, when the usual routine becomes a bit monotonous and uninspiring. Rather than have to make drastic

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Event: Detox Day with Renewal Institute

To my delight I had received a pretty invitation in my inbox to attend an event at the Skin Renewal Institute Bedfordview . I love attending events

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Longevity Event – All About Healthy Living with MNI

Last week I attend my first Longevity Event and it was so amazing! Here is the details of what went down! The  exclusive readers event was held at

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Pink October with Hey Casey!

As we all know, October is Breast Cancer awareness Month. Cancer has sadly affected 3 woman in my family, taking 1 of the greatest woman I had the

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Meditation in the Workplace…

  When life is feeling overwhelming and I feel like I don’t have the time to do everything – I know it’s time to get back into meditation!

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Every year on May 5, pulmonary hypertension organizations and groups around the world participate in World Pulmonary Hypertension Day activities to

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