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Hey Casey!

Oh so you haven’t heard about Hey Casey!?  Where have you been!?

Don’t worry, the Guru is here to give you the low down on the most awesome  fashion accessory that you absolutely need to have!

Hey Casey! is a group of fabulous ladies that are mad about creating fashionable phone cases! Their creations are insanely awesome and you can’t help but want them all! The oh- so- fashionable phone cases are made of flexible clear TPU (thermoplastic polyurethanes which is designed to absorb low impact and prevent scuffing and general wear and tear of your phone. Each phone case is individually printed with a high quality UV Printers. The final product is perfect!

What’s awesome is that they offer a variety of cases for a few different styles so that everyone has a chance to look cool and be cool, cause if you don’t have a phone case that matches your personality then you’re not cool- 🙂


Stumbling apon their website I fell in love with their designs that I placed an order immediately! I’m a sucker for online shopping but I am an even bigger one for cool gadgets! Apart from the stylish phone cases, they sell awesome accessories too! Keeping up with latest trends you are bound to find something that you absolutely need!

On being totally obsessed with this brand, I just had to do a collaboration with them! So as a gift from me to you, here is a promo code to get a 15% discount off your purchase of totally rad covers! Use #HEYNICOLE at the checkout to redeem your discount!

Remember to tag your awesome pics with #TeamCasey #HeyNicole #HeyCaseyOffical!

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