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Holiday Dreaming for 2017…

This is  the year we planned on traveling. Well we planned for this year to be our traveling year but my anxiety has hit an all time high and I keep on stalling on dates.. But regardless of my mind going on over-drive here is a list of travel adventures we want to do this year- fingers crossed hopefully we can do them all!



Why: Everyone raves about how incredible it is and that it’s a value for money kinda trip!


Why: It just looks so incredibly beautiful!


Why: We actually have a wedding to attend so why not make the most of it and do some sightseeing.



Why:  Family friends of ours when on a cruise in Dubai over new year and said it was incredible! Every year we complain that we would be something other then JHB for new years and to no suprise, every year we stay in JHB. But no this year, no sir!



Why: Its a place I have always wanted to see. To see history with my own eyes.


Here to hoping!


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