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Honeymoon Destination: Seychelles- Praslin Island

How lucky am I! Mike set up a real honeymoon adventure where we got to spend 4 nights on Mahe Island and 4 nights on Praslin Island. Our part 2 of our honeymoon was just as amazing as the first.

Praslin is the 2nd largest Island of the Seychelles. It was named Isle de Palmes, because of its beautiful palm trees. The leaves of the trees itself are huge, reaching growth of 7-10m in length.
Vallee De Mai is the gorgeous Nature Preserve to these gorgeous trees and for their  fruit called the Coco Der Mer, otherwise known as the Sea Coconut. We were quite lucky to still has seen a few Coco Der Mer as this precious Gem of the Island is going extinct.   

Map of Praslin Island


The Coco Der Mer

We stayed at the gorgeous Paradise Sun Hotel situated on the Cote d’Or Beach. We were welcomed with a warm smile to this breathtaking little peace of heaven. Every single person at that hotel was so friendly and so helpful, well if you think about it, who wouldn’t be happy living on an island and waking up everyday in paradise- *sigh*

Our stay was incredible. We have made a rule that every destination that we visit, we do all that we can so that we can say that we have done everything there is to offer in that specific place. So that’s exactly what we did In Seychelles

View from the little plane that we took from Mahe Island to Praslin Island


Touchdown on the beautiful Island


The Beach

Our first day was all about settling in and getting familiar with the Hotel so we unpacked and walked around the hotel to see what was on offer. We met our go to entertainment guy Jimmy- He was the guys that has all the snorkeling gear, kayaking gear, you name it he has it all. Straight away I told Mike that he was the Matthew McConaughey of the Island. Very awesome guy. So we got our snorkeling gear, booked our catamaran trip and took a dip in the big blue sea.

Day 2- Catamaran excursion was a whole day trip. The trip consisted of visiting 3 islands
Cousine Island- Nature Reserve to Tortoises and Bird life.
Curieuse Island- Marine National Park to Tortoises and lastly
St. Pierre Island- Snorkeling

We cruised along the breathtaking coastline of Praslin to the Island of Cousin, home to Seychelles rarest birds. We were accompanied by an island guide that told us about these gorgeous birds and the interesting environment. There are absolutely no predators on the island,  so the birds next on the ground in hollow trees. It was unreal to be so close to these gorgeous creatures. We hopped back onto the boat where we cruised to our next island.

Curieuse Island and National Marine Park is home to a tortoise-breeding colony. There are hundreds of giant tortoises roaming the soft sands of the island. This is where we had our delicious barbecue lunch and chilled with the tortoises.

Our last Island visit was the tiny island of St. Pierre.
Mike being a Dive Master, was super keen and ready to just dive into the water. Me on the other hand, I was pretty nervous as it was my first time snorkeling in the sea and I was so scared that a shark would swim beneath me and eat me. The Kaleidoscope of marine life in the clear waters was magnificent, I lasted a whole 10 minutes before Mike had to rescue me from drowning. I was smiling so much at the beauty beneath that water got into my snorkel so I lifted my head to catch my breath and a wave crashed into my face causing me to have an absolute frenzy and nearly drowning Mike himself. I was still the best 10 minute of snorkeling of my life!

Catamaran Trip




Cousin Island


Barbecue Lunch


My Tortoise Friend


Curieuse Island


Snorkeling at St. Pierre

As our Holiday was drawing near to the end, we fitted in as much sight seeing as we possibly could.
We rented a car for the day and toured the Island. Dining out at the local restaurants to visiting every single shop the island had to offer. Every store is practically identical, but we visited each one anyway just in case we missed something. I have never witnessed such exquisite beaches in my life.

The last two days became rainy, indoor days so we spent the last days basically walking into town, purchasing last minute goodies and enjoy our time together. On our last night we were treated to an amazing dinner on the beach. It was a a 3 course meal consisting of Prawn Tails, Lobster Soup and Grilled Fish Kebab- It was the perfect ending to an amazing holiday.




Island Life



Bad Photography


Fine Dining



Seychelles, you have captured my heart- Until we meat again.



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