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I Am Nikon

I was spoiled by my love with an amazing D3200 Nikon camera. Its literally a masterpiece at the touch of your hands. Its an amazing piece of equipment and the images it can produce is magic.
The Nikon Headquarters is beautiful and professional. Awesome abstract pictures and structures are displayed throughout the space with comfy lounges to relax when we had our breaks.


Our trainer was the ever so funny Nathan. He himself is a professional photographer. With his dry sense of humour and wicked camera tricks, we all walked out of there already feeling like professional photographers.


Nikon offers free training courses and  workshops throughout the year.
You can get all the booking info here.  Overall the training session was super informative and so much fun!

Nikon has really proved that they are the best optical instrument on the market!
I am so proud to be part of the Nikon family.

I am Nikon


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