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It’s the Little Things: Do Something Different Today and Get Inspired!

We all get a little bored with life sometimes, when the usual routine becomes a bit monotonous and uninspiring. Rather than have to make drastic changes, sometimes all you need is to make a few small changes that will inspire and excite you again. When I find myself stuck in a rut, here are a few things I think help you get out of it.

Rearrange the furniture

If you’re getting itchy feet, you don’t have to uproot your entire life and move from your home, city or country. I find that simply re-jigging my space can create an instantly more interesting setup. Try rearranging things in your living space, like placing the table by the window, or the chair over by the bookcase. Hey, if you feel like it just go ahead and Feng Shui the whole place! Declutter, reorganise or just rearrange – it’s the subtle changes that make an easy impact.

My dream living room- Boho inspired!

Switch up your hair

Looking at the same unchanging reflection everyday can get a little boring, but it’s scary to really change your look up, am I right? Perhaps you’re too afraid to cut your hair short, or to dye it that bright colour, but these little risks are the kind you should be making and experimenting with! By just going to your hairdresser for a new style, whether that’s a different cut or a fresh colour, you can feel like a whole new person.

Try out a new look

Along the same lines as switching up your hair, why not have a little fun with your fashion too? Buy those bright and bold boots you didn’t think you could pull off, and don’t panic that they’re made of a material you’ve never cared for before. All kinds of stylish suede boots seem to be the hype at the moment, but they can be trickier to take care of; learn how to clean suede shoes and you’ll be ready to protect your fabulous new footwear. Those boots were made for walking!

Learn a new skill 

Speaking of learning how to clean suede shoes, there are so many more skills you can learn that can give you a new ability or a fresh perspective on life. Stop saying I wish I could do x, y and z, just do them! Start learning a different language, take up a yoga class, or finally learn how to drive. There are all kinds of online classes that you can explore, and you never know where they might take you. You’ll be using your brain and/or body in a different way, and that’s a great way to feel invigorated.

Spontaneously go to an event

It’s all too easy to put off doing fun things because of all the other monotonous tasks that fill our daily lives. But if we never step outside our comfort zone we’ll miss out on so many amazing opportunities. If your social life is usually the same week in, week out, then be a little more spontaneous. Head out to an event on a whim, or book tickets to a show on the spur of the moment. The likelihood of you regretting it is…hmm, let me think…probably zero.

Visit somewhere new

You know that cool new café you’ve been meaning to visit but haven’t got round to yet? Just get yourself over there, even if it’s only for 30 minutes. We can easily get stuck in a rut of going to places we’ve been to before, because we can rely on them being ok. But there are so many new places to try out, from restaurants and bars to whole cities. Put yourself out there by visiting somewhere different and you’ll open your eyes up to all the possibilities that are nearby. PS- Plan B dessertery should definitely be on your list!

Chat to new people

While you’re out visiting somewhere new, or even if you’re walking around your regular supermarket, take the opportunity to approach new people that you wouldn’t normally talk to. Strike up a conversation with a friendly-looking stranger and you might learn a few handy tips or pick up some great recommendations. You might even find yourself making new friends.

Big changes start with little ones, so once you get going there’ll be no stopping you!

Happy weekend everyone!


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