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Less Screen Time, More Productivity!

Computer technology, the Internet and everything that comes with them can be pretty addictive. They’re interesting, enjoyable, and right there in front of you all of the time. But, they’re the ideal ingredients for some serious procrastination. Whether it’s checking out photos on Instagram, watching movies on your laptop, or falling down a YouTube rabbit hole, there are so many ways the internet can pull you in, and before you know it an hour or two or has gone by. But what could you do if you put your phone, laptop or tablet out of reach for a while? I know, loads, right?

Having recently fallen victim to a petty crime of some mug stealing my cellphone, I felt like I had lost everything in that moment. We rely on our cellphones so  much these days because it literally has our whole life in it. I spent 2 days without a phone and come to think of it, it might have been a blessing in disguise- sort of.

If you’d like to spend less time in front of a screen and more time being productive, here’s how you can do it!


  1. Tackle the cleaning

I might wake up with good intentions of getting stuff done and starting that new creative project, but the mess that can accumulate around me is neither inspiring or motivating – and so I end up ignoring everything and turning to a tiny lit-up distraction, my phone! But whether it’s simply tidying away, organizing different rooms, or taking on a full deep clean, there’s something deeply satisfying about getting your space in order. Tidy house, tidy mind and all that. So swap the laptop for the hoover, the phone for a bottle of bleach, and get on with sorting out your space!

Of course, deep cleaning with products like bleach brings with it the risk of staining your clothes. But no need to stress, as bleach stain removal is actually fairly simple. If you want to know more about bleach stain removal, just click here.

  1. Engage your creativity

Just think about the time you’ve spent online and how much of that time could have been spent enjoying painting landscapes, writing poetry, coming up with new songs or even finishing that book you started years ago – okay maybe your creative endeavors aren’t that fancy. Whatever your creative motives are, whether it’s picking up old ones or starting something new, your brain will certainly become more stimulated, so get off social media for a while and get those creative juices flowing. You can rest assured that an hour spent drawing is a whole lot more satisfying than one spent scrolling.

  1. Reconnect with old friends

Rather than keeping up with what an old friend’s been up to on Facebook and ending up with some major FOMO, how about catching up with them in real life? Reach out and get in contact (you can use your phone for this. Post or carrier pigeon isn’t super efficient). It’s cathartic getting back in touch with someone, and you might just find that you’ve got more in common than you ever remember. You don’t have to plan something big or expensive, just a casual meeting in a nice cafe, or a cosy movie night, you’ll have lots of laughs and some actual memories!

  1. Invest some time in your health

The biggest impact of excessive screen time, in terms of health, is how sedentary we can become. In an ideal world you’d be getting up all the time to move around, but that often doesn’t happen. Take some time away from the screen to focus on fitness or anything that gets you up and moving, whether it’s having more time to cook healthy meals, going out for a jog or starting a new exercise class; your improvements in health will lead to more energy and therefore productivity. Soon you’ll find that even sitting at your desk doing work is far less tedious because you have been active the rest of the time!


Try a few of these ideas and before you know it you’ll be spending less time living virtually and much more time getting things done in real life!

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