The Little Guru

Life as we know it…

Here we are.

The new year has arrived and  I got a feeling its going to be a pretty eventful one.

So many things to look forward! My sister-in-law and my cousin are saying their ” I Do’s”. We are welcoming two sets of little feet into our circle of friends. I’ll finally be completing my Animal Behavior Course and putting it into practice and hopefully fulfilling a life long dream of hosting an Awareness campaign for Pulmonary Hypertension.

There are definitely some big changes happening and I for one am scared, because for once I actually feel like I need to adult, but like really put on some big girl pants and adult. Maybe its because there are so many changes happening in other people’s life that I feel that something big has to happen in mine. . Weird… I know but we will have to wait and see…

Sho, that was deep so let me end it with something I read that inspired me that will maybe inspire you if your feeling the same..
















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