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Mini K-Beauty Haul!

Let me just start by saying I’m  a sucker for all things cute and gimicy.
Cute packaging? “Sold!” If it has the word ‘Mini’ in it-  “Put ’em in my basket please!”

Yip, Im that person!

So did my need for all things cutesey cloud my judgment on my recent beauty haul? Maybe a little.. But I dont care because I have been itching to get my hands on some K-Beauty products and that I did!

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Korean Beauty is slowly becoming the ultimate regime for soft, glowing skin. K- beauty routines focus on perfecting the appearance of your skin, to have you looking healthy and glowy, therefore, makeup application is kept light and minimal.

K-Beauty Mini Haul

Korean skincare and makeup products are well beyond most western technology and the quality and innovation of Korean products supersedes many popular western brands we use today. A proper K-beauty routine takes time and commitment but rest assured your skin will see the results.

My mini K-beauty haul consisted of the TonyMoly and the too cool for school brands. The packaging is just adorable and as for the products, pretty damn impressed to say the least! So here is what I bought:

TonyMoly Pocket Bunny Mist

Bunny Gloss Bar – ( Retails for R100 ) Pocket Bunny Mist (Retails for R180)  from Luxe Loft

This packaging is just!! (Insert heart-eyed emoji) How could you not want to own these adorable little bunnies, especially the sad faced one!? The Pocket Bunny Hydrating Mist is amazing. It is infused with raspberry, strawberry, peach, and baobab tree extracts for long lasting hydration. Created with the celtic waters from the French park Vosges du Nord, your skin will receive ample nutrition though the included minerals.

It’s beautiful fragrance adds to the delicate mist when sprayed on your face. I like to apply it after I’ve cleansed my face in the morning and sometimes in the evening for a little extra hydration. My skin is feeling so dry lately and this is the perfect little added hydration that it needs. It’s also great to use throughtout the day just to give your skin a little wake me up leaving it dewy and fresh!

The Petite Bunny Gloss Bar

Look at that Shimmer!

The Petite Bunny Gloss Bar is the cutest little gloss you could possibly own!  It leaves a delicate gloss on your lips. It’s not an overpowering gloss at all which is suitable to use on a daily basis and it leaves your lips feeling super soft too!

Too Cool For School Jelly Blusher:

too cool for school Jelly Blusher- Cherry Squeeze (Retails for R150) from Luxe Loft

Another brand that caught my eye was the too cool for school k- beauty brand. I added to my cart, this cute little blusher tin because I was intrigued on seeing what a jelly blusher looked and felt like. Upon recieving it, my first reaction was, “OMG I paid R150 bucks for this little itsy bitsy tin!” No guys, it’s small…

The images on the website make it look bigger then what it actually is, but I quickly got over my little panic attack when I slid opened the tin to find the softest most squishiest cream like blusher I had ever seen and felt! The texture is incredible, the pigment is glorious and the colour on the skin is perfection! Well worth the ka-ching!

Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch

I had seen these lip patches all over Hollywood A-listers lips and I knew I needed to try it for myself.  The oversized gummy looking patch is a once-only gel lip mask and promises to make lips smooth, soft and kissable.

Kiss Kiss Lip Patch (Retails for R50)

Once out of the pack it was a little hard to manoeuvre into place as it’s quite a slippery little sucker. As indicated, the lip patch should be left on for 20 minures before removing, leaving your lips soft and moisturised.

Well, it hydarted my lips in the slightest but that was pretty much it.. No plumpiness or softness what-so-ever. My lips are super dry, so maybe it’s not ideal for the super dry lips, but it was fun to take photos with!

Apart from the lip patch, I have been loving the products so far!

Have you tried any K-Beauty products?

If you want to get your hands on some cutness and good quality products, check out Luxe Loft for amazing K-Beauty products!



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