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Natural Living – Re-usable Stainless Steel Water Bottle

With plastic water bottles  occupying the top tier of socially unacceptable single-use accessories, reusable water bottles feel like a necessity in this modern, hydration-obsessed world.

Natural life has the most stunning Re-usable Stainless Steel Water Bottles that are perfect for hot and cold beverages. The stainless steel water bottles are made from high quality 304 stainless steel. They are double-walled and vacuum-sealed to keep liquids cold for over 6 hours or hot for over 4 hours. This is so convinient for work!

As someone who is trying to be conscious of the environment, I am all for reusable water bottles
and have been using them for years. Our environment depends on us being better with our wasteful
decisions and so with that, here are 5 reasons why reusable water bottles are the way forward.


5 Reasons why Re-usable Water Bottles are the way forward

  • Reduce waste from single-use plastic bottles:
    By choosing a reusable bottle, we greatly reduce our carbon footprint and take a huge step towardreducing plastic waste. Just imagine how many single-use bottles a person could use in a yearto drink the recommended eight cups of water per day! With a reusable bottle and a good waterfilter, you can save hundreds of disposable bottles per year from going in the dustbin.
  • Reusable bottles are better for your health:
    Single-use plastic bottles are not only causing major harm to the planet, but they also can be bad foryour health. This is due to the leaching of chemicals into the water stored inside of these bottles.Disposable plastic bottles are usually made from PET (polyterephthlate) plastic, which has beenshown to leach antimony into water, especially if the bottles are left in hot environments forextended periods of time. Antimony is considered hazardous to human health, causing headacheand gastrointestinal disturbances upon exposure.
  • You control what goes in your bottle:
    No more than ever, we have to be so careful with what we eat and drink. Disinfecting everything wetouch before it goes into our bodies. I for one, am super careful and use my reusable bottle to storehot water to avoid using our communal kitchen at work. Something to think about ey?
  • Save your Moola:
    By using a re-usable water bottle is actually much less expensive than buying single-use bottles of water. Buying bottled water can get costly!
  • One bottle will last you for years of usage:
    We’re into minimalism! It greatly improves the quality of life by removing clutter from your physical and mental space. This allows us to truly value the things that we do have. Like a reusable water bottle!
Natural Life not only has 4 stunning Re-usable water bottles that you absolutely need in your lunch bag, but have other amazing products too, read more here

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