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Outdoors: Hiking The Cycade Trail

Early morning a few weekends ago, we drove to Middleburg for our gym work out.
Well, it was for me…
The Cycad Day Trail is one of the best hikes in the Olifants River gorge.  The trail starts from the farmhouse were the cars are parked. The hike is roughly 8km long and the kloof route needs a certain degree of fitness as it involves some rock scrambling and boulder hopping.
If your lucky, you’ll be accompanied by a little Jack Russell that will do the whole trail with you without a sip of water- To this day we still don’t know how he got to the river- but he was such a cool little guy. 
The trail is gorgeous cycads along the route are massive and on route you  will see many appealing rock pools on the way down to the kloof. Most of them have weathered to form amazing formations. In places there are chains to help. There is an easier, alternative route for those who prefer this- Not us though, no no..










The18km trail can be hiked over a two day period but we did it in a day- We definitely took our time to take in the views and have many many water breaks.  My favorite point by far was when we reached the highest point overlooking the river- It was breathtaking






We have a done a few hikes up until this point, but I must say, the Cycade trail was probably one of the best Iv done.
Get outdoors and enjoy this beautiful world we have.
I promise you, wont regret it.

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