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Rant about Beggars..

There isn’t a street corner or robot that doesn’t have someone standing in it. It’s sad to think that there is so many people that simply cannot afford anything and have to, by last resort, beg at a street corner for money or food.

I’m always that person that gets caught with my window halfway opened at a robot and approached with a face so innocent and him gesturing that he only needs R2 to buy bread cause he is so hungry. So of course, guilt sets in and many of us are obliged to give spare change that we have that’s just lying around.

What get’s me though is when I do give him a little something, I get this face of, “This is all you’ve got?” or what’s even better is that I don’t even get a thank you, a damn thank you! It grates my tits! And  who knows what these people do with this money that they have collected- I seem to think that it doesn’t go to their 3 children with no food, or towards their rent that is due that week..

So let me share a little experience that I had today that has made me rethink my generosity.

I was in the drive thru at KFC ordering food for the company staff, paying by card. (A little FYI I had left my purse at the office so I had no cash on me what so ever.) So happily along I approached window 1, I place my order with the lovely lady and set off to roll through to window 2. As I turn the corner, with my window rolled down, there stands a white male probably in his early 30’s a bit dirty and missing 2 teeth,  holding a white piece of paper.  With my window down and feeling obligated to hear the guy out, I gladly take the paper to read it- It read:

“Hi  my name is paul and I need help

I need to pay rent at where I am staying.

Please any money will help.

As I was reading, I hear a mumbling sound so I look up and see that he is using sign language to ask that he only needs some change. My heart broke at this point because he seemed really desperate and just needed a few more rands. He even reached in his pocket to show me that he had collected R20 and a few coins.

As guilty as I felt, I had to hand back the white paper and tell him that I couldn’t help him and that I had no cash on me, at this point I showed him the card. He persisted and gestured aggressively: ” I just need R1″ , I calmly apologized and showed him the card and again said that I had no change, shaking my head from side to side. He then, said but you can buy food with that card, stormed off and signaled that I was the devil with his two index fingers on either side of his head pointing up.


I lost my shit at this point.. I wanted to ride him over..

How dear he call me the devil! Did he expect me to give him the card? There I was honestly telling him that I didn’t have anything and he storms off calling me the devil. pfff..

Look I get that times are tough out there and I would never want to be in that position, but come on don’t take your shit out on people who are being legit. So because of this douchebag, I will never give anything to a begger ever again.

Yes I will be that person that winds up the window when they approach it and guess what..
I wont feel bad about it.


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