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#SaveSehako- Story of Hope

It seems that PH is making its mark in SA with more and more young people suffering from this disease. PH is a life threatening lung disease – Read about the disease here. Its heartbreaking.

PH Suffer Gontlafetse Sehako has come forward asking for help to save her life- this is her story.

A 26 year old Gontlafetse Sehako from Diepsloot who is currently dependent on mechanical supply of oxygen for life got a ray of hope thanks to generous pledges from Ann7 viewers.

Sehako is living with a damaged lung, pulmonary hypertension and the weak right ventricle.

The ANN7 #SaveSehako initiative to help raise funds for Sehako to get her a new lung has made PH awareness come into spotlight. Hopefully now, the medical board of SA with bring in medication and to PH sufferers in SA at a reasonable price.

Sehako`s condition can only improve if she receives new lungs.The whole procedure is estimated at R300 000 and her current position can not generate the funds .

Make a pledge and help #SaveSehako to get her new lungs that she needs.





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