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Self Love: How to Dress for Success!

Everyone knows that when you look good you feel good too. Wearing the right clothes can really boost your confidence, which can lead to success in many different areas of your life. It’s worth to invest some time in making sure you look your best when it comes to clothes. Luckily, doing so needn’t be difficult. By sticking to some basic principles you’ll always be able to look sharp and ready to deal with whatever comes your way. Here are our three top ways to help you dress for success.

  1. Keep your clothes spic and span

First things first, whatever it is you actually wear make sure it is clean and presentable. Avoiding stained, old, hole-ridden or otherwise not ship shape outer-wear is a good place to start if you want to feel good about your fashion choices. Go through your items regularly to check they are all in good condition. For anything that’s not, decide whether it’s possible to repair / clean and if not, recycle. Lots of things can be spruced up with a bit of work. Look online for helpful resources such as guides on how to clean suede shoes or what to do about stained leather. Once you know this sort of thing, it’s relatively easy to fix up old items to look as good as new.


  1. Organise your wardrobe

While you are going through your clothes to check they are in good condition, why not take the opportunity to organise your wardrobe too? By having a clear and helpful system to storing your clothes you are much more likely to be able to find the thing you need quickly and so help you create your perfect look even on busy mornings. Everyone has a different approach to organising their wardrobe – some like to organise by garment type, others by colour or even fabric. Whatever system you use, make sure to maintain it so that you can quickly get to the top, shirt or pair of shoes you want.




  1. Have a few go-to outfits that work

Finally, if you struggle to decide what to wear, it’s easy to deal with this by having a few go-to options that you know work. Take photos of yourself in around five outfits that you like and which work for various types of occasion. Stick the photos on the inside of your wardrobe door and whenever you don’t know what you want to put on in the morning, revert to one of these classics.

Those are our top tips for dressing for success. Remember to make sure all your garments are in good shape by knowing important things like how to clean suede shoes and keep them looking sharp! Keep your wardrobe well organised and have some go-to outfits ready just in case. By following these three simple rules you’ll always look good and enjoy the confidence boost that comes as a result! When you look good, you feel good and that’s where the love happens!

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