Finally! The long awaited Sorbet Hydro Skin Silicone Facial Cleanser  review is here! I did speak about it on my Instagram posts last week and how I use it, etc. I took me a while to write about it as I wanted to give a fair trial so here it is- My Review on the Facial Cleaner.

Sorbet Hydro Skin Silicone Facila Cleanser

I have had my eye on a cleansing tool for quite sometime and had been researching great facial cleaners that have been introduced into the beauty world , that was creating such a hype, such as the Foreo Luna. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the price of the Luna and quickly told myself that I didn’t need a facial tool and that a good old massage with the fingers is good enough.

Then the beauty gods sent me a little mailer advertising the Sorbet one. I didn’t even hesitate. I bagged that bad boy in 3 seconds flat. I can honestly say now that I do not have a single regret!

What is the Hydro Skin Facial Cleanser?

The Sorbet Hydro Skin Silicone Facial Cleanser is designed with soft touch silicone bristles that penetrates deep into the pores of the skin for a gentle and thorough cleanse. Skin is left clearer, healthier and glowing.

Why We love it!

The facial tool uses sonic pulsations to help deep cleanse the skin, penetrating into the pores. It’s battery operated which is great for travelling because you can use it anywhere at anytime. What is great about it as well is that it has 2 vibrate intensity settings to suit your cleansing needs. I have only used it on the lowest setting as I find it efficient enough for me. It’s beautiful ergonomic design that has a soft- touch casing makes the tool so lovely to use! I love the fact that I can quickly run it under water for a clean and allowing no bacteria to linger- Hygienic and clean!

What I absolutely love about the Silicone facial tool is that it makes your skin care products work harder for you! You will see a huge difference in your skin because the tool allows your products to work deeper into the skin. Your cleansing will be deeper and your skin will be exfoliated at the same time. Your skincare products will absorb beautifully into the skin leaving it looking clearer, healthier and glowing!

Paired with my favourite face wash from Dr Dermal at the moment!

If you keen to up your beauty regime and really benefit from your skincare products (which we in most cases, pay a fortune for) then I would highly recommend the Sorbet Hydro Skin Silicone Facial Cleaner to start!

You will love it!

Shop online at Clicks or your nearest Sorbet Store!


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