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Sun Loving with Cetaphil Sunscreen

Summer has officially hit Johanneburg which means time spent outdoors in the sun, sea or the pool. While we are out enjoying the sunshine, it’s important we remember to protect our skins with a good, broad spectrum sunscreen.

There is alot of questions that go with why suncreen is so important. How much sunscreen one should be applying and how often to reapply. So with this post I hope to educate you on the importance of suncreen and why Cetaphil Sun SPF50 Lotion should be an essential in your beauty regime!

Sun Loving with Cetaphil- Guru Sunscreen

This sunscreen is great for all skin types, but especially beneficial for sensitive or oily skin’s. It’s hypoallergenic, won’t block pores and is water resistant. The formula can be used of both face and body, and it’s so lightweight that it’s even suitable to wear under makeup (I’ve tried it out and can attest to this).

The formula is lightweight and oil free, and I would describe the consistency as more of a cream. However, it does absorb quickly just like a gel would and doesn’t leave a greasy film or sticky feeling. One of the best things about this formula is that it also nourishes the skin. This is thanks to the inclusion of Vitamin E in the formula.

Sun Loving with Cetaphil- Guru Sunscreen- Heart

What is the difference between UVA & UVB Rays?

Both UVA and UBA Rays contirbute to sunburn, skin ageing, eye damage, melanoma and other skin cancers. UVA Rays Causes cellular damage and increases the risk of skin cancer as well as ageing. UVB Rays causes sunburn which is a significant risk for melanoma.

What does sunscreen actually do?

Suncreen filters but does not block UV radtion. Unfortunately no suncreens offer 100% protection agianst UV radiation. These are the percentages that the fillowing SPF’S cover:

  • SPF15+ Filters 93% of UV radiation
  • SPF30+ Filters 97% of UV radiation
  • SPF50+ Filters 98% of UV radiation

Why do I need to apply sunscreen 15-20 min BEFORE going into the sun?

Because the UV filters need 15 to 20 minutes to start working. Most are triggered as you rub the sunscreen onto your skin, but they need some time to start doing the job properly.

Cetaphil Sunscreens are Non-Photo Toxic- What does that mean?

Photo-toxicity is a chemically induced skin irritation that requires light to be triggered – it is not a reaction caused by the immune system. In essence, it’s a type of photo sensitivity where the skin’s response resembles an exaggerated sunburn. Cetaphil sunscreens are suitable for even the most sensitive of skins.

How often should you wear sunscreen?

Sunscreen should be worn EVERY SINGLE DAY, all year round. Summer and winter, sunscreen is essential!

Recently, I was sent the Cetaphil Sun SPF50+ Lotion to try out. Now, if you’ve been following my blog , you’ll notice that I have really become a fan of the Cetaphil brand and have blogged about them previously. You can read about some other great products here.

Sun Loving with Cetaphil- Guru Sunscreen- Hat

Cetaphil products are available to purchase at selected Clicks, Dischem stores and leading pharmacies.

To learn more about Cetaphil products, follow the brand on Facebook here

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