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The CoronaFighter WebApp!

Life as we know it. A new normal has definitely filled the homes of many and no doubt, people are feeling some sort of emotion. I, for one, try and limit myself to news surrounding the Covid-19. There is so much fake news going around that we actually don’t know what to believe anymore.

During this uncertain time, it is all too easy to feel powerless in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. Now more than ever, many of us are looking for a way to educate ourselves with accurate information, soothe our anxiety and most importantly to monitor our health.

CoronaFighter is a web-enabled app found at – the app allow you to track your symptoms through a simplified automated self-monitoring process.

CoronaFighter WebApp

The CoronaFighter WebApp brings South Africa immediate aid – track your symptoms daily

CoronaFighter presents us with the opportunity to be calm and mindful about our health status daily – screen for COVID-19 and stay empowered in the #CoronaFight

The CoronaFighter platform is at the forefront of a medical revolution that puts you at the centre of quality informative Covid-19 information you need. It provides you with reliable statistics, resources and validated research that are crucial in catching cases early and helps to communicate efficiently with medical staff. By providing you with the tools and information they need for self-monitoring, CoronaFighter reduces pressure on testing points and protects its users from the risk of infection presented by the testing centres themselves.

Flatten The Curve

Due to COVID-19’s tendency to present symptoms slowly and be passed along incredibly easily, we should start self-monitoring as soon as possible. The health status and symptoms of patients with Coronavirus also change over time, and pre-testing will ensure that there are fewer false-negative tests. By gathering updated information on a daily basis, officials will be able to identify patterns in symptom development that can lead to earlier diagnosis and limit further spread.

The easy-to-follow test gives you an accessible way to compare your current health profile to the latest NICD1 guidelines.

How it works

To test yourself for COVID-19 simply sign-up on with your email, phone number or Google Account, where you’ll give CoronaFighter a brief medical and travel history, and the app will be able to tell you what the latest NICD guidelines suggest you do next.

Can I trust the CoronaFighter App?

This platform was developed as an open-source initiative to ensure you get the best possible information. Over 35 hardworking and passionate doctors, software engineers, creatives and marketers were able, in the space of one week, to create CoronaFighter. The app was designed to collect data to provide medical authorities with reactive feedback on where COVID-19 hotspots are, and aids in providing crucial data so that medical resources can be used in the most efficient way possible.

CoronaFighter presents you with the opportunity to be calm and mindful about your health status, it makes medical care easy to find and gives you an active way to contribute to the research that will ultimately win the battle against COVID-19.

Join the #CoronaFight today!
Go TestForCOVID – an opportunity that is providing you with the chance to take care of yourself and your family. The CoronaFighter reminds us that we are in fact empowered in the fight against the virus and that together we can make a difference. Let’s stand together to #flattenthecurve – join the #CoronaFight cause by going to and @testforcovid on Facebook.

Want to make a larger contribution?
To volunteer your time and skills or to donate to this cause in support of our collaborative #CoronaFight e-mail


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