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The Jenna Lowe Trust…

The Jenna Lowe trust has been hard at work and have inspiring news to share..

Valentines Day Bracelet Special and Exciting News

Remember the #Getmeto21  campaign for Jenna Lowe that I wrote about a while back? No..  Dont worry, you can refresh your memory here.

Ok so here is the scoop…

The amazing Lowe family have been hard at work at fulfilling the big dreams that Jenna had for PH in South Africa.  One of those dreams is that a New Pulmonary Hypertension Clinic  in Grooteschuur has opened. The Jenna Lowe Trust is currently funding  “Nurse Lizzie” to work at the clinic to support their team. Nurse Lizzie is high experienced; she worked with Jenna for nearly two years and was trained in the management of PH by the international experts Prof David Badesch and Nurse Practitioner Debra Zupancic.

The Jenna Lowe Trust are involved with the PH Clinic by funding much-needed mobility equipment and oxygen support equipment for state patients who are otherwise totally immobile; support groups, running training; writing, designing, printing and distributing information/ care brochures for patients; working on a proper tri-phase PH registry are in the works.

The #Getmeto21 Celebration is still on!
Tears just flooded my eyes as I read it. Jenna has been such an inspiration to me throughout my own struggle with PH and now we get to celebrate Jenna and honor her legacy.


For the time being, let share the love and help raise funds to those less fortunate:

Jenna Lowe Getmeto21 Stack


These bracelets are tribute to Jenna Lowe and her extraordinary courage. In her short life Jenna made massive social impact, most notably with her award-winning Getmeto21 campaign to increase organ donors in SA. Red was Jenna’s signature colour … she would say “Love is a verb, people should do love”

Colour: Red
Closing: Front: Inspire / Back: Uplift (Oval)
Estimated Lead Time: 1-3 Weeks (subject to availability)

Each bracelet is individually packaged


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Beneficiary:  The Jenna Lowe TrustThe Jenna Lowe Trust raises awareness and funds for Pulmonary Hypertension, Organ Transplantation and Rare Diseases in South Africa.

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