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We Still on the K-Beauty Train…

So it seems I wasn’t wrong about the K-Beauty world and the fact that everyone is pretty keen to try it out for themselves! If you missed my initial K-beauty haul and introduction into Korean beauty, you can read about it here. I have been getting a few requests asking about where we can purchase such products. Well never fear when the Guru is near, I got you covered ladies!

I have listed below a few South African online stores to get your hands on some K-Beauty products. I have personally only shopped at one, but rest assured that I have stalked and sussed out each and every website and Instagram page of all of them so that you can have a breezy and hassle free shopping experience without the stress of getting scammed!


So here it is beauties your 5 online stores to K-Beauty Heaven!

Luxe Loft -I got my first K-beauty haul from Luxe Loft and it was lovely! The online store is easy to navigate, prices are fabulous (you may find it cheaper here than other places) delivery time is quick and the stock most k-beauty brands! oh and an added bonus- You get a free sample with every purchase!

K-Beauty Africa– They stock limited K-beauty brands, that being JOneLindsay, Caolin, Leegeehaam, Klairs, Suntique and Laneige, but it is definately the top brands of the K-Beauty world. Delivery time is nice and quick, 3-4 days, that’s definitely a win for me!

Glow Theory– Well lets just start by saying that if you sign up to the Glow Club you receive R100 your first order- Score! What I love about this store is that they offer little starter kits, so if you are keen to try but not really wanting to commit to purchasing a full sized product, you can purchase a starter kit to get a nice little introduction into the k-beauty world. They have a great selection of brands to browse through too!– Ooo, another sweet deal! If you sign up, you get a 5% discount code for 1st time purchases- always a win! This online store definately has a lot more ‘gimmicky’ stuff than the others. Search for The Blackhead Silk Finger Ball thing, which by the way, I’m super keen to try- then you will understand what I mean.

Samika Store This online store is definitely a higher end one but  apart from stocking K-Beauty products they too stock make-up brands like Morphe, Kylie Cosmetics, Huda Beauty and many more! What I absolutely love about this online store is they sell K-Beauty sets too! For instance they have the Laneige Water Bank Cream set or the Missha Mini Set (That will probably be my next k-beauty haul) and sometimes even limited edition sets. I can totally see myself spending an obnoxious amount of money at this store, but like it said before- No Ragrets! (Yes, I purposely spelt it wrong because… just read why here)

Have you purchased from any of these store before?

How was your experience and what did you splurge on?

Would love to hear from you!
Till next time!




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