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Arthur Kaplan in Full Bloom!

I was lucky enough to attend the grand opening of the newly revamped Arthur Kaplan in Full Bloom event at Fourways Mall a few weeks back!

Can I just say that It. Is. GORGEOUS!

The home of luxury jewellery and watches, Arthur Kaplan has earned their reputation as a quality jeweller for over the last 40 years. The legacy of founder Arthur Kaplan lives on in the beautiful pieces of jewellery thier customers take home.

Arthur Kaplan Event!- TLG Blog
In Full Bloom

The Story of Arthur Kaplan…

At the age of 18, Arthur Norman Kaplan (1928-1997) entered the family business, a jewellery store which his grandfather, Henry Balzham, established in Pretoria in 1889. It seems that Arthur was destined to inherit a passion for jewellery, one which stemmed all the way back from his great uncle, who was known to be the personal jeweller of Paul Kruger.

Arthur Kaplan Event!- TLG Blog
Arthur Kaplan Event- Fourways Mall

After 15 years of learning the family business, Arthur Kaplan decided to open his own jewellery store. In 1973, he opened the first store in Pretoria and the Arthur Kaplan brand was born.

Over time Arthur Kaplan expanded the stores across South Africa. Arthur quickly earned a reputation for personal service that has since become synonymous with the name.

The Arthur Kaplan brand soon became renowned as a trusted destination for diamond engagement rings.

1st class experience..

The lovely ladies and gents for AK welcomed and took us on a personal tour around the store giving a brief introduction to each of the stunning collections they have on offer!

Arthur Kaplan Event- TLG Blog
Arthur Kaplan Event- TLG Blog
Precious Gems
Arthur Kaplan Event- TLG Blog
Signature Engagement Rings
Arthur Kaplan Event- TLG Blog
The Gorgeous Earings I got in my Gift Bag- Lucky Gal I am!

It was such a lovely event with lot’s of “ooo’s” and “aaah’s” Be sure to visit Arthur Kaplan at Fourways Mall Shopping Centre in full bloom. You wont regret it!

Thank you Mala Media for the stunning experience!

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