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Event: Detox Day with Renewal Institute

To my delight I had received a pretty invitation in my inbox to attend an event at the Skin Renewal Institute Bedfordview . I love attending events that can influence our daily life in a big way and the team at the Renewal Institute did just that.

It was Detox Day at the Renewal Institute and we were welcomed with pure delight. The clinic itself is gorgeous. It’s crisp white interior and delicate chandeliers adds a touch of elegance to the room and make you feel a bit like royalty before heading in for your treatment. The clinic is managed by doctors who are experienced in Anti-Ageing, Aesthetic and Integrative Medicine. They are supported by a staff of qualified and experienced technicians, nurses and therapists who provide a wide range of treatments to clients.

The space was filled with all things healthy! From fruit diffused water jugs to fresh fruit kebabs, freshly baked muffins and yummy nutritiously packed breakfast bowls!

This Bowl was insanely good and healthy!

We were introduced to Dr Pierce Van Tonder, Resident Doctor at the Institute, who gave us a tour and introduced us to the start of what would be our Detox Journey. We headed over to the Kombucha Table and handed a glass to taste.  Kombucha is, in short, fermented tea that is bursting with pure natural antioxidants  to help detoxify the body.

Kombucha is made from a live culture, “Symbiotic”. During the fermentation process, it produces substances to help the body maintain good health and fight various ailments. Products of the fermentation are Glucuronic Acid, Lactic Acid, Usimic Acid, all the B vitamins, vitamin C, Digestive enzymes, Amino-acids and Antioxidants.

Glucuronic Acid contained in the tea binds the toxins in such a way that they cannot be re-absorbed into the body. Glucuronic acid acts against harmful substances deposited in the body, rendering them water soluble where they are passed through the kidneys and eliminated through the urine.

Usimic acid is a substance with strong anti-bacterial properties and has partial anti-viral effects.Lactic acid found in Komucha in it’s most potent form – L-lactic(+). Lactic acid is essential for the digestive system.

Many people who regularly drink Kombucha tea have found tremendous relief from a wide range of diseases and ailments. Kombucha’s ability to work ‘with’ your body which boosts your own natural defense system. Being a Pro-biotic,  Kombucha will help strengthen your immune system and ability to fight sickness.

With modern living comes poor diet and an increase in harmful substances in our bodies. I think we are all guilty of it and Kombucha has made it so easy for us to get our bodies back to their full potential. Starting with half a glass in the morning, it boosts the bodies immune for the day ahead.

The actual taste of the tea tastes almost like a draught beer or an Iron Brew, so it actually does not taste that bad and really do-able to your morning routine. It’s totally safe to have even if you are on chronic medication so I’ll definitely be getting me some Kombucha! For now they are exclusively sold at the Renewal Institute  in  Bedfordview or contact them for an order here.

After we had settled in and finished our Kombucha shots, Dr Pierce Van Tonder started the morning with a little Meditation with us all. It was so beautiful as it filled the room with so much positive energy, everyone was super Zen after that!

We were then introduced to Tanya from Metagenics and she guided us with the importance of Metabolic Detoxification.  She went on to explain that over a course of a lifetime, we will be exposed to thousands of foreign compounds that can enter our bodies through food we eat, the air we breathe and directly through our skin. To make matters worse, many of us have substituted healthy meals with a poor diet that significantly lacks nutritional value to fuel the body’s detoxifying capacity which in turn, contribute to our bodies accumulation of toxins or toxicity! Makes sense right?

Metagenics UltraClear Plus Supplement and AdvaClear Supplement is the way to go for Metabolic Detoxification. A combination of supplements that work in conjunction to detox your liver in the most natural way possible. The UltraClear Plus is designed to provide advanced , low-allergy potential nutritional support for metabolic detoxification capacity and the AdvaClear will provide a full spectrum of micro nutrients and phytonutrients  that target the various aspects of detoxification and ensure a balanced, safe and effective process.

So the team from Metagenics have created a powerhouse formula to help our body fight against toxins and get rid of it from our bodies. Tanya was kind enough to make us a sample of the UltraClear Plus support for Metabolic Detoxification to try , not the tastiest, definitely mix it with your smoothie. This detox is so different from all those generic ones that we find online, in health books, etc because here they putting nutrients back into your body- the right ones.

This day and age, it’s all about convenient foods because who has time to cook a healthy meal these days. I think we all need a detox once in a while to reboot our system to get back on track and restore the energy levels.

Being a chronic patient  it did make me a bit nervous as to weather me doing a detox would be a good idea. I chatted to Tanya after the presentation and she advised that it is such a versatile program that any chronic patient/person can do the detox at their own pace. It definitely gave me a sense of relief because It’s something that I can do without having any risk involved with regards to my meds- Winning!

All in all, It was a day of learning about what’s good for your body and what is needed to keep it in good condition. I urge you to contact and research about Metagenics as I know it can help so many people.  I still haven’t done the detox myself as yet, but trust that you will hear about it when I do.

If you have questions about it, contact Renewal Institute for more info, they are such a great bunch and I’m sure will be happy to help! Contact them here

Happy Detoxing!




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