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Suzelle DIY to Tali’s Wedding Diary!

If you are someone who is hooked to comedy central channel, then you will definitely know who Suzelle DIY is! The quirky, DIY obsessed character we have all fallen in love with to the point where you almost feel like you know her!

Suzelle has been MIA these past couple of weeks but don’t be alarmed, she isn’t going anywhere but rather transforming into another character.

Julia (Suzelle) is currently filming the first of Showmax’s original series – a mockumentary called Tali’s Wedding Diary – an eight-episode, 20-minute series which will launch on the streaming service in December.

What the new show is all about: A self-obsessed, Sandton princess who has moved to Cape Town, has hired a documentary crew to film the build-up to her lavish wedding to her property-agent fiancé, Darren. Sounds like fantastic comedy doesn’t it? I absolutely can’t wait for the release of the show!

Tali has been posting short videos of her new character which is just hilarious to watch!

If you haven’t heard of Tali- Then babes where you been hiding, under a rock?
Check out her new account on instagram: tali_babes





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